Blue Eyed Cass The original cam girl!


Cass On Her Knees

I love seeing women being beautiful... Walking around in their lingerie and stockings and high heels and what not... It's beautiful... But even more I like to see their sexy lingerie on their floor and having them on their hands and knees just before that moment when they start doing obscene things to me...

blue eyed cass on her knees covering up her breasts

And when that woman comes up for air it's a beautiful sight...

I love Blue Eyed Cass!


Sliding Down That Thong

This might be the most naked we've ever seen Blue Eyed Cass.... This slut can be such a tease some times... But this time she is pretty much naked. All she has on is a thong, and even that is sliding down past her knees...

clue eyed cass naked

It's only a matter of time before Blue Eyed Cass is buck naked on her bed and waiting to be fucked!

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Super Sexy Long Legs

Damn Blue Eyed Cass has some sexy long legs... hot!

blue eyed cass long legs

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Lesbian Cass

Well this might be a first.... I don't recall ever seeing Blue Eyed Cass with another girl... She's kind of cute.

This might be get interesting....

blue eyed cass hot lesbian girlfriend 2

Once these two sluts have their shirts off, they are rubbing each other's boobies up against each other... It's always hot when lesbians rub their breasts together!

blue eyed cass hot lesbian girlfriend 1

I never thought of Blue Eyed Cass as a lesbian, but then again I shouldn't be surprised - all chicks are lesbians in one way or another!


Bending Over For Us

Blue Eyed Cass is just perfect all around... Pretty face, great rack - loves to show her breasts off - great ass and a great legs.... Today Blue Eyed Cass is wearing a short pair of shorts and showing off her sexy legs...

She's bending over just enough to make it interesting...

blue eyed cass short shorts 1

In the high heels she has on.... That's super sexy!

blue eyed cass short shorts 2


Sexy White Panties

At the end of the day Blue Eyed Cass is just your every day average girl. She likes wearing blue jeans and t-shirts. And when she strips down the first thing she takes off each time is her panties... Blue Eyed Cass just likes showing off her panties. I can see myself licking her panties... And being smothered by her thighs!

blue eyed cass loves spreading her legs

Blue Eyed Cass is too cute for words!

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Doggie Style Slut

Don't you just love it when you see a teen chick on her hands and knees like this?

We already know this is a position that Blue Eyed Cass knows well... She loves being fucked doggie style!

blue eyed cass sexy teen ass thong whale tail doggie style 3

You just also got to love the whale tail Blue Eyed Cass is showing us...

blue eyed cass sexy teen ass thong whale tail doggie style 2

Once Blue Eyed Cass takes off her pants we can see exactly how serious she is... Blue Eyed Cass isn't going anywhere until she gets fucked hard!

blue eyed cass sexy teen ass thong whale tail doggie style 1

And if you look close enough you can see Blue Eyed Cass has her shirt pulled up just enough so we could see her bra!


She Loves Her Tank Tops

Is it me, or does Blue Eyed Cass love her fucking tank tops?

Not that I am complaining or anything. Gives her a chance to show off her boobs and her cleavage all in one shot. Always hot.

And of course quick for Blue Eyed Cass to take off too!

blue eyed cass gets naked 1

And it's clear that Blue Eyed Cass just loves taking off her clothes every last chance she gets!

blue eyed cass gets naked 2 blue eyed cass gets naked 5 blue eyed cass gets naked 4 blue eyed cass gets naked 3


Hot Sexy Teen Slut Doggie Style

All chicks love being tagged from behind... Super sexy! And Blue Eyed Cass even has the little tramp stamp and all, so when you are riding it from behind you can see her sexy little tramp stamp...

Blue Eyed Cass is covering up her boobies, but otherwise has no problems posing naked on her knees like a little whore. But heaven forbid should she show us her boobies...

blue eyed cass doggie style

Who wouldn't want to ride that hot piece of teen ass?

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Bikini Babe On The Beach

I'm not sure if Blue Eyed Cass is at the lake or on the beach, but that doesn't matter much. The only thing that really matters is that Blue Eyed Cass is on the beach in a bikini. And she's on her knees.

What more can a man ask for? A hot babe on her knees and willing!

blue eyed cass bikini public nudity 1

Turns out Blue Eyed Cass is also willing to take off her bikini top for us!

blue eyed cass bikini public nudity 2

All we need to do now is tug at those bikini strings a little bit and bam, that bikini bottom is coming off!

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