Blue Eyed Cass The original cam girl!


Peeling Off Her Panties

Can't wait until Blue Eyed Cass peels her panties off of her tight little body....

blue eyed cass taking off panties

We want to see what Blue Eyed Cass has under her panties! Too fucking sexy!

Then again, as a matter of public record... We like to bang any chick that is in the kitchen in a tank top, panties, high heels, and nothing more than an adventurous spirit!


Showing Off The Cleavage

This is a bit different for Blue Eyed Cass but I think I can learn to like it quickly... Looks like something a MILF might wear, but we all know why... It's all about showing off the cleavage and the easy access. This sexy little number takes care of both items nicely...

Love that cleavage!

blue eyed cass panties nightie

And Blue Eyed Cass can take off those panties nice and quickly - no pants to take off or anything! More hotness!

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Teen Pillow Fight

Who hasn't wanted to have an old fashioned pillow fight with a hot chick. Usually in our fantasies pillow fights are for first time college lesbians, but you know you want to mix it up with Blue Eyed Cass, wrestle around the bed, try to pull down her top so you can see Blue Eyed Cass in all of her majestic beauty....

blue eyed cass pillow-fight

I'd have a pillow fight with Blue Eyed Cass any day of the week!


Blue Eyed Cass Stripping Down

I love naked chicks outside... Hot!

One of the things I love about Blue Eyed Cass is that she has no problems getting naked outside. Okay, I don't think she's outside here, but Blue Eyed Cass is by a window in her bra and panties and that's the next best thing.... Hot!

Looks like she's about to take her bra off too...

blueyed-cass- bra panties outside

And oh what I wouldn't give to see Blue Eyed Cass naked!


Tramp Stamp Fun

All men love it when our girlfriends dress up for us... It's so sexy!

This time around Blue Eyed Cass is wearing her sexy black stockings, black high heels, black panties, and a sexy red top.... Her boobs are still nice and perky, just the way we like them!

blue eyed cass stockings perky teen boobs

But eventually Blue Eyed Cass takes off her sexy little panties and her top and turns around to show us her ass... And her tramp stamp!

Seems like Blue Eyed Cass is a bit more of a tramp than we first thought!

blue eyed cass stockings perky teen boobs2


Short Plaid School Girl Skirt

Everyone loves the sexy plaid school girl skirt. This one looks super short too! Blue Eye Cass has never looked hotter!

And the pigtails... And the cleavage... This is too much for us to handle!

princess blue eyes schoolgirl 7

That look on her face just screams that she is ready to fuck! That must be why Blue Eyed Cass has that super short skirt on... I wonder if she is wearing panties. If Blue Eyed Cass is wearing panties, I bet you they are white. Just seems like something Blue Eyed Cass would do...

princess blue eyes schoolgirl 1

Then... Blue Eyed Cass looks so damn innocent here peaking up at us while hiding her boobs... But we all know that Blue Eyed Cass isn't that sweet! Or innocent!

princess blue eyes schoolgirl 5


Ass Up Face Down

Ass up, face down... That's the way we like 'em. Timber.

Blue Eyed Cass loves being on her hands and knees like the bitch she really is. That's why men are in charge of the world - she like to be dominated by behind by well hung men fucking them from behind.

blue eyed cass doggie style

And you just know Blue Eyed Cass loves being fucked from behind!


Blue Eyed Cass Stripping Down

Is it me or does Blue Eyed Cass always seem to have a smile on her face? I think so. But that's a good thing, because we like it when girls smile at us. And we really like when chicks smile at us when they are stripping down!

We can watch Blue Eyed Cass strip naked all night long...

blue eyed cass stripping home office 2

Blue Eyed Cass took off her bra and now she's teasing us... What a beautiful ass she has!

blue eyed cass stripping home office 1


Sexy Corset And Garters

You've just got to love a woman that wears a corset AND garters - and stockings to boot. Toss in some high heels, and instantly Blue Eyed Cass becomes marriage material - as if she wasn't already.

So damn cute the way her breasts just sit in that sexy corset...

blue eyed cass corset-001

Then when Blue Eyed Cass takes off the corset and all this hot teen babe is wearing is her black stockings... She's ready to be fucked right on the bed!

blue eyed cass corset-015


Corset Shows Off Sexy Cleavage

Blue Eyed Cass is sexy on any given day, but today she's looking super sexy. It might be the black stockings or it might be the fact that she has on a pink corset and it's opened up showing off her cleavage... That's super sexy. Than again, what isn't super sexy about Blue Eyed Cass?

blue eyed cass corset-012

Look at that look in her eyes.... Blued Eyed Cass wants to be fucked hard!

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